How to make most of your mood board

We are more than a week into 2019, a fresh year with some new, and some old goals and aspirations. In my last blog post I talked about making a mood board, and how making one helps you be motivated year round towards achieving your goals. However as mentioned earlier by me, simply making one won’t automatically lead to achievement of our aims, we need to work on it. Recently, I came across a comment on my last post, which asked me my perspective on decorating and how to check the progress that we have made in regards to our goals. And guess what? I’ll share my hopefully useful tips on that.

First of all, there are no rules of making or decorating a mood board. You can be simple and have a minimalistic one, or go all creative, and have a rather “extra” mood board. I have seen people do different things like , pasting print outs on a sheet of paper and just  gracing it with small decorations, or simply writing it out . If you want to go all eco-friendly and make good use of today’s technology, you can even make one on your phones or tablets using different apps available online like – Moodzer, Invision Boards, or even our good old friend – Pinterest. The idea is to make something which would motivate you and encourage you to work on your aims and yourself everytime you look at it. There are no rules of decorating it. The more personalized it is, the better.

Secondly, working on those aims is the very reason that we make mood boards. And while we are at it, it is important that we track our progress, or the lack of it. What I think will be the most helpful would be to have monthly checks on our progress. This would help one to see how far they have come, or where they have lacked. This should surely inspire ourselves to keep pushing forth and achieving our set goals. I would also like to suggest to treat yourself to something that you like everytime you accomplish a progress. This would make this entire process a little more fun and exciting! After six months of doing the monthly checks, it would be better to have weekly checks for a change. Now, this is important to do as to remind ourselves that half the year has gone by, and we are left with the second half. For those who haven’t had great progress, can surely double up their efforts before the year comes to an end. This should give one, both the inspiration and a push to still make the most of time and achieve what they have set their mind onto.

I cannot emphasize enough on the fact that all of the above said are secondary things, the primary thing remains to work on all of our aims. We might feel lazy sometimes, and skip working on them. Some days we might feel super encouraged and work exceptionally hard, and inch closer to ticking off our goal. Whatever you do, do not forget to track your progress each month for the first half of the year, and then each week in the second half. This will show you where you are headed, and push you to be a better and a productive version of yourself.

Comment down with any query, or questions about this topic, or any for that matter, that you want me to write about and give my views on next and I shall post about it.

Keep hustling, x



Act on it

Happy new year everyone! Ah, First day of the year is always exciting for me. I get anxious thinking about how the year is going to be, and hopeful that it turns out great. However, just hoping and wishing that this year turns out to be great or amazing won’t actually change anything for us. I have done this for past years, where I just hope and pray that my year goes wonderfully and that everything that I dream off come true. Needless to say, this was a bad/terrible and absolutely vain idea on my part. Just sitting and hoping won’t make our dreams come true, we need to act on it.

Last year, inspired by one of my favourite YouTuber, I made a mood board for myself. I wrote down everything in a list on a board and pasted it in my closet- where I am most likely to see it everyday and get motivated by it. However, what I failed to realise was that just writing down my goals and dreams does not mean that it will automatically come true , without any effort from  my end to actually go forth and achieve them. Only difference between me and the YouTuber, who I was inspired from was that she worked hard, and consistently towards her aims, and at the end of the year, she was able to achieve her set goals. While I, was just “hoping” (yup, I ‘lol’ed at that too) that something happens and the universe just decides to make me happy by making all my wishes come true in a jiffy, while I am being a lazy couch potato and not even getting up to fetch myself a glass of water. Yeah – that’s definitely not how I’ll ever get anything that I want for myself. And in the end, one more year will go by where I’ll be pondering at the year end to myself that “yeah, this was not a great year either”. But not this year though, this needs to stop right now. My motto for this year is – “go get it, girl!”

It is useless to cry about the mistakes that we have done in our past. What we can do though, is to learn from each other’s shortcomings, and look ahead at the future, and work towards making it better. Our past is behind us, but the future lies ahead with great opportunities. We just got to go and make the moment ours. Let’s not wait for things to come to us, let’s try to get it ourselves. Let’s work towards achieving whatever we wish for, instead of just hoping for it to come true for us someday. I have realised that if I do not put efforts consistently, then nothing great will happen for me. So this year, instead of just writing my goals for the year and being content with it, I will definitely make sure that I also act on it.

So, make that mood board, and act on it. Not tomorrow, but NOW

And again, a very happy and a successful year to you. xo


Sadness with a pinch of hope

Sadness with a pinch of hope

Life is really unfair. Sometimes I am really happy when, just for once, things go my way, when I get what I want, and everything is nice. And then, life throws a curveball at me, and I lose my calm, my faith, and my patience. I admit that I am the biggest pessimist there is, I start to think worst of everything. With every down moment in my life, I feel like giving up a lot of times, I stay depressed, I constantly worry, and constantly overthink. I start cursing at my luck, that all of these bad things are happening to me because I am born with a sucky luck, which doesn’t want to favour me ever. Life seems so ugly and worthless to me at times, that I miss something although trivial, yet very vital—it could have been worse, but it isn’t. Everything is still  fine and will get better.

One of the most difficult point in my life has been when my little brother was so sick that he ended up being in the ICU for weeks. The doctors couldn’t put a finger on what exactly was wrong with him, and for days the issue couldn’t be diagnosed. My brother was fading by the day, and at one point we all thought that he didn’t have much time left. It was such a challenging time for my family as a whole. We all had completely lost any hopes we had left. Since my parents would stay in hospital beside my brother, sleeping with my grandparents one night I cried to have my brother back with me. I cried so much that at one point I was tired of it, in that moment I realised, if I want things to be better, I need to do something about it. From next day on, I started visiting him with a newfound hope and faith in myself that everything will be okay. I made sure we ate together, tried to do something fun, I tried to get him off the bed which he had been lying for days and made him walk. Soon those wobbly and weak steps changed into running around and jumping. By the grace of god, he was recovering. Within few days he was discharged. It was such a happy moment for us all. We felt a great relief that he is back, he is healthy, and he is with us still.

We celebrated his seventeenth birthday yesterday, he is growing up so fast! It was such a journey when I look back at that time when he was sick. I see him now and I realise that one should never ever lose hope. Life will be really difficult at times, we will feel like giving up and losing hope, but at that moment I hope you stop, breathe and believe that there is still hope. There could’ve been worse things, absolutely worse things, but life doesn’t end there. It can’t. Just because it’s been a long, dark night doesn’t mean that there won’t be sunrise tomorrow.

Never lose hope, keep some in you always no matter how tough life gets, and you’ll see how slowly, things will start to look up.

Let’s shower compliments

Let’s be real, who doesn’t love it when they get a lot of compliments from people? Safe to say that, indeed we all do. Compliments have such a power to lift not only the receiver’s mood, but also boosts their confidence. It doesn’t need any pointing out, but compliments are absolutely free, and takes no effort at all. So, my post here will be dedicated to the positivity compliments bring to a person.

In today’s day and age of internet and the anonymity that accompanies it, it seems very convenient for people to put other people down and throw a lot of shade, while safely hidden behind their masks. It is very easy to type in a few words, and be satisfied that we spoke our heart out about this person, and they won’t even know that it was ever us. Seldom does one realise what kind of effect this has on the person who reads through these shaming and criticism about them. Now some people might ignore the kind of negativity which lurks on the internet, and in fact in our day-to-day lives, but some do suffer a lot because of this. It has severe ramifications on their self-confidence, and sometimes it does even lead to depression, and self-doubt.

Stop and think for a while, how nice would someone feel when you shower them with compliments? Very nice. Our words of encouragement not only brings a smile on someone’s face, but might also make their day. In a way, we might help bring someone’s lost confidence back.

Personally, I sometimes get very critical about things. I start pointing out the flaws too fast. It is when I am on the receiving end of critical comments do I realise that maybe we don’t need to be critical and negative all the time. For a change, let’s try to light up someone’s day with compliments. It won’t cost us a thing, but will bring a million dollar smile on someone’s face. Life is too short to waste all the time in complaining and not spreading joy. Compliment everyone! Tell them how nice they look, or anything else that you fancy.


How about you start by showering compliments on this post? ( I am just saying :p)


Why I’ll never get a pet

First of all, SORRY for just disappearing like that and not updating my blog like I should have. A lot of stuff has happened in the meanwhile, but I cannot point to one reason for my absence. I had so much to write but when I’d try nothing would come out in form of words. I got so frustrated that I stopped. I realized that just leaving and giving up is the worst solution to tackle my problem. The best is to try. Anyway, back to the post!

Let me just say this, I am addicted to dog videos on Instagram. Not even dogs, but videos of pets in general. So cute, so precious! They just take my breath away. I know I am not the only one who feels the same. Whenever I see them I mentally decide that; okay that’s it, I’m going to adopt a pet now. I get lost in my day dreams of bringing home a bundle of joy, kissing its tiny, soft head, putting it to bed, taking thousands of photos of them. I get giddy just thinking of it all. I think about how better my life would get after I have myself a pet. Someone to hug and talk to, and love with all my heart and soul.

However, there’s a lot more to this picture than I thought of. Thinking about having a pet is all nice and good, but we need to remember that with a pet comes a lot of responsibilities. It’s almost similar to having a human baby. For those who live alone by themselves, and are working, they specially struggle a lot with pet issues. There is no one to look after these furry ones once you are out of the door. Not only does it impact the pet parent, but also to the pet themselves. If I was to get a pet, I would constantly stress, and worry about how my pet is doing when I am away from it. This would have ramifications on my work life, and social life. This issue can be taken care of, by this I mean by hiring someone to look after it, or leaving your pet at the day-care centres for them.

However, there is still one massive downside of having a pet; coping up with their loss. Words cannot do justice to what I feel when I think of this scenario, of saying last goodbye to my pet, who has been with me for years, through the thick and thin. Speaking for myself here, I would not be able to handle such a huge loss. Their absence would leave an unfillable hole in my life and in my heart. Death sure is inevitable, and I know for a fact that, sooner or later, our loved pets are going to leave us, but to avoid that pain, I have decided to not bring a pet in my life. It may sound like a stupid reason to some of you, but it works for me. I love animals, and I would love to have, like, a 100 pets (if possible). But, I just don’t want to see them die. I want to avoid that horrendous pain as much as I can. So, I decided to not get a pet. But it goes without saying, I will not stop loving animals in general, and helping the needy ones. Personally, it seems like there won’t be any pets for me in the future.


Other POVs are most welcome!



After a long hiatus, I have finally resurfaced on our beloved planet Earth. I know no one’s really interested in knowing where I have been all this while, but I’ll tell you anyway, I was suffering from a rather MAJOR writers block. When I say major, I mean major. It’s not that I didn’t have ideas, I did, but nothing concrete, you know what I mean? Most I could get out of those ideas in words was barely two sentences. This highly discouraged me from continuing, and I would end up erasing those sentences too, which left me with nothing, but a blank word page. I got so tired of this happening all the time that I actually stopped trying to write anything. The whole essence of having a blog just vanished in thin air because of this. However, I realised one thing- if I had willed that I have to write something, I would have. It does not matter how many sentences or pages I could fill, but the fact that I am, at least, writing something. So, this blog post is entirely dedicated to our mate – will, i.e. intending something, because this guy right here can move us to do anything – quite literally.

If you think that I won’t be making a reference to philosophy here, then I have to tell you, you are most certainly incorrect. (Shame on me, being a student of philosophy if I can’t see the day to day things with a philosophical angle). Talking about will, one philosopher that immediately comes to my mind, who has written extensively on will is Immanuel Kant, one of the biggest names in the world of philosophy. Although, he hasn’t exactly written about will in general, but he does write about what he calls as a “good will”. By which, he means a will which is absolutely good in nature and unconditional. However, that is a different thing, and I wouldn’t bore you more with it. What I am trying to write about here is how will plays a huge a** role in making us do things in life. It can be seen as the driving force.

We all have different aims and goals in life, but not all of us are lucky enough to have achieved them. Sometimes we do work towards them, but still fail in achieving the targets set by us. It makes us wonder, as to what was lacking in us, due to which we didn’t get what we aimed for, and only after deep contemplation does one realise that we lacked a definite will. If one possess in them, a will to do something, then there is nothing which can stop them for getting what they wants. Nothing is impossible, if you have Mr Will by your side, motivating you, and guiding you towards your goal. I realised that I lacked will to write, and this realisation is the first step towards correcting your flaws and overcoming them. So, just have a will, and trust me, all you want will be yours.


Signing off for now,


Whose birthday is it?

Whose birthday is it?

As soon as one’s birthday month approaches, one is filled with certain excitement and eagerness. Well, in my case, its dread and not excitement. Now, you may ask why, and you should too. You may begin by telling me and bringing to my notice all things nice about birthdays, like how it comes just once a year, how it’s a special day, and so on. I have got my reasons for being apprehensive about it, and I’ll be sharing why.

The trend at the moment about birthdays is such that, the one who has his/her birthday is expected to throw a party, and mind you, the party better be good. The burden of planning the party, and making sure that it is nothing short of perfect lies rather heavily and unnecessarily on the birthday girl/boy itself. Now, that is when I really start having second thoughts about birthday parties. Isn’t the person who has their birthday supposed to feel special? Aren’t they just for once supposed to sit back and actually enjoy their day, rather than making it special for the people who they wish to be present during the celebrations? Let’s face it, birthdays have become more about others than ourselves. It’s more about pleasing others, catering to their needs and wants. The pressure of throwing a big party, with all the food and drinks, and not to mention, a perfect venue is such that a lot of times it leaves a big gaping hole in the pocket.

So it makes me question, whose birthday is it? Is it even my birthday? Is it for me? Or is it for others? The answer to it is quite simple, it is MY birthday, and I will not be pressured into throwing a party just for the heck of it. Even if I do throw one, it would be in keeping in mind my needs and my comfort. Birthdays should make me anticipate it, rather than dread it when it approaches. It should be a day that’s made special by my near and dear, and it doesn’t necessarily include them throwing me party, or getting me fancy gifts. Just a promise of being there with me through the thick and thin, and actually keeping that promise is the biggest gift one could give me.

Throughout these years, there is something I have noticed, that is birthdays are an occasion for some “friends” to come out of their hibernation to look for free food and booze. Yup, I know plenty of them. These are the  ‘so-called friends’ who are nowhere to be seen for good portion of the year, without any contact or communication with us, but somehow resurface on the face of the earth near our birthdays (the smell of free food and drinks has a strong pulling power). These people will never bother about what is going on in our lives, but do actively be a part of the birthday planning. Then there are people who will order a lot of stuff if you take them out, without having the decency of asking us if we are comfortable in paying for it or not. Long story short, people will always try to make it about them than us, which in turn makes the whole idea of birthdays no more than an obligatory celebration, and an opportunity to show off, and put ourselves in uneasy and unpleasant situation.

For me, birthdays have lost their charm due to the growing pressure of throwing lavish parties. But, I have decided to not let others spoil the day for me. I will not let it be about others, but for once I will put myself first. I will do what makes me happy and not what makes me distressed. I will not be swayed by what others say or what the current trends  for celebrating birthdays are. I will put the money that would go in pleasing others in using it for me, and for those who are need.

Let us all try to have a happy birthday for once.